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  • Posted by eTina
       |   August 26, 2014

    Comstock Park

    Jenny L
    Laura B
    Erica R
    Barbara K
    Rebecca B
    Adam B
    Jeff M
    Kansas City, MO
    Lisa H
    Gina M
    Courtney H
    Kimberly R
    Jeanna K
    Carolann F
    Neila F
    Elaine S
  • Posted by eTina
       |   August 25, 2014

    Congrats to the meet and greet winners below!

    Columbus, OH

    Joshua C
    Jennifer G
    Kimberly K
    Michelle A
    Richard N
    Christy T
    Caitlin N
    Brian F
    Leona M
    Holly H

    Noblesville, IN

    Kim Wi
    Stacy M
    Joplin D
    Rebekah H
    Stacie D
    Vicki V
    Melissa C
    Julia N
    Hilary C
    Melissa A
    You can find the meet and greet entry form here if you haven't entered. 
  • Posted by eTina
       |   August 15, 2014

    Congrats to the winners below! 


    8/16 Big Flats, NY

    Amy B
    Rich W
    Maria P
    Pattie A
    Susie A
    Christine G
    Ashley K
    Beatriz M
    Kathy R
    Liz M
    8/17 Camden, NJ
    Kevin B
    Richard B
    Christine M
    Lisa D
    Donna S
    Margaret D
    Lisa B
    Nancy C
    JoAnne S
    Tony A
    8/19 Bethel, NY
    Audra S
    Judith M
    Monica A
    Megan H
    Tina C
    Colleen Ar
    Diana H
    Lorraine R
    Jacqueline L
    Christian L
    8/21 Gilford, NH
    Tracy R
    Kevin F
    Ruthie O
    Greta C
    Sandy L
    Gretchen M
    Suzanne S
    Leslie F
    Craig B
    Andrea N
    8/22 Buffalo, NY
    John E
    Cindy B
    Andrea C
    Linda D
    Danielle C
    Kristin H
    Greg S
    Joann K
    Bob S
    Mike C
    8/23 Essex Junction, VT
  • Posted by eTina
       |   August 08, 2014

    Harrisonburg, VA:

    Tiffanny M
    Cassandra B
    Connie K
    Catherine S
    Lisa G
    Dell P
    Boston, MA: 
    Diane C
    Jenna H
    Lisa H
    Jeanne F
    Brian Ca
    Robyn S
    Heather K
    jessica R
    Anna G
    Kathleen L
  • Posted by eTina
       |   August 08, 2014
    Chicago, IL Winners
    Carol R
    Kimberly S
    Tracy S
    Jean C
    Darlene M
    Bari B
    Amanda M
    Jeny J
    Kim H
    Cj P
    Holmdel, NJ Winners:
    Stacy S
    Leslie S
    Paul C
    Michele T
    Jaime W
    Sandy K
    Jenna F
    Andrew R
    Jeff F
    Kelly H
  • Posted by Goo Goo Dolls
       |   August 08, 2014

    The Goo Goo Dolls have announced a new show on September 6th as part of the James J. Hill Days at Wayzata Beach in Wayzata, MN!


    VIP packages will not be available for this show.


    Inner Machine fan club presales will begin on Friday, August 8 at 9am local time and end at 10pm. Ticket presales will take place on the Warner Music Group Ticketing Platform here.

    If you miss the presale, general public on sales begin Saturday, August 9th at 10am. 


  • Posted by eTina
       |   August 04, 2014

    Enid, OK:

    Matthew H
    Kristi B
    Mary K
    Linda B
    Simone N
    Michelle S
    Lincoln, NE:
    Matt M
    Andrea R
    Susan B
    Kristin O
    Christopher H
    Jacob B
    Reannon L
    Andy L
    Tower, MN:
    Bruce S
    Kelli W
    Stacy S
    Des Moines, IA:
    Darcy J
    Chad F
    Suzanne T
    Tiffany G
    LISA M
    Tyler C
    Mara W
    Connie A
    Kerri F
    Heidi H
  • Posted by eTina
       |   August 02, 2014

    Congrats to the meet and greet winners below!

    Becki M.
    Bob S.
    Douglas M.
    Kevin W.
    Susan J.
    Greg F.
    Michael D.
    Patrick R.
    Anthony C.
    Ivan M.

  • Posted by eTina
       |   July 28, 2014

    Saratoga, CA Winners:


    Karen C
    Wendy Y
    Ryan  M
    Carolyn T
    Las Vegas, NV Winners:
    Alexandra D
    Lisa D
    James J
    Lisa S
    Marie B
    Richard S
    Carlos Z
    Trina W
    Nicholas S
    Kelly B
  • Posted by eTina
       |   July 22, 2014
    Los Angeles, CA Winners:
    Hue A
    Sevan M
    Rosanne B
    Ashley H
    Jessie M
    Glenn U
    Michelle D
    Marina R
    Karyn B
    Chantal J
    Bakersfield, CA Winners:
    Jeff N
    Robin I
    Jaime D
    San Diego, CA Winners: 
    Sue S
    Jerriann P
    Kevin B
    Michael T
    Melissa H
    Tanya R
    Tim B
    Tom B
    Teena L
    Christina B