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Virginia Beach, VA 8/8

Tour Date
August 8, 2013 - 14:15
Virginia Beach
Farm Bureau Live


aakerr1014's picture

I have been to every concert for years. This date I could not get off work to go and whats funny is I work in the Emergency Room just next to the Theater. Sucks! But as I leave my 12 hour shift I might get to hear them as I walk through the parking lot to my car. Sorry to actually miss a concert in like 10 years :(

Jenn344ggd's picture

I cannot figure out the meet and greet either.

suzy22's picture

I have tickets for the 8/8/13 show but can not figure out how to enter the Meet & Greet Contest on your NEW Web Page. Please enlighten me, but make it as cut & dry as U possibly can. My Multiple Sclerosis slows me down. Thanks!!