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I have been listening to this band since the late 1980's. They are my favorite band. I have a wife Diana, and 5 boys. Hunter,Hadyn, Harrison, Hayes, and Henry. I work in my garden, and enjoy having my fireplace lit up at night. The goo inspire all that is good. There is not a day that goes by that you can't hear Johnny, and band jammin out of my garage.
Fort Wayne
Self employed, enjoy my patio the ALCOVE. And really enjoy jammin all the albums of the goo goo dolls. SUPER CARWASH, JED, SOMETHING FOR THE REST OF US, MAGNETIC, and being with my family, and going to as many goo show as possible.
Favorite Bands: 
I enjoy all kinds of sound, but the goo goo doll speaks about love , trust and being REAL. The voice of mr. Reznik is one of a kind!!!!!!! I PICK THE GOO!
United States
Hector M. Rivera Jr.
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
Indianapolis IN. 2013! and our next goo show!
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Hey Johnny, Robbie, and Mike. And the other greatest backup rock band ever!!!!
Hope the tour is going well, and thank you all for a AWESOME ALBUM!
Me and my wife and 4 of my 5 boys went and saw the Indianapolis show. The meet & greet was fantastic! the sound,the new stage setup. the lyrics,MIke, the Percussion sound was right on! and the energy was Great. you all made our summer.Thank you all for all the hard work. goo goo dolls you inspire us all!

Just got tickets for the Last Fling August 31st. We all will be there. My 5th son Henry who just turned 5. His First show, and he can't wait to be
rockin out to the last Hot Night In AMerica! Stay well, CRUISEHR2 INNER MACHINE MEMBER & family!

What's Your Favorite Goo Goo Dolls Song?: 
all of them! but Become is special, and ALL EYES ON ME!