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Well I been a goo fan since 1999. That was a hard year for me. The way I fell in love with the goo goo dolls was this. One night I was playing a video game during Christmas break and all of a sudden I started out having seizures. So I went to the hospital. That is when they did a cat scan of my head and told us that their was something their and they would like to do an MRI the next day. So being scared they asked me would I like to be put to sleep or would I like to listen to musice. I told them I would rather lisent to the radio. So I had them play Q102 and about an hour in to the scan I hear this beautiful voice. It was like every thing is go to be ok and it relaxed me. It was johns voice and the song was name. From that moment I had to know every thing about them. After the scan they told me what they had found it was a brain tumor and that I need to start treatment so my mom and grandma went and asked me if their is anything they can do for me and the only thing I could think about was johns voice I told them to get me a cd walk man player and a goo goo doll cd. After about an hour they were back with it and I started my treatment. Thanks to them I felt so much better. And that way I'll be a goo fan for life.
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Goo goo dolls
United States
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Miami Middletown, the show at river bend last summer with matchbox 20
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What's Your Favorite Goo Goo Dolls Song?: 
It is so hard to say they are all amazing but I would have to say big machine