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Have you picked the Meet & Greet for the Baltimore 5/17 show? I have tickets & I'm Coming Home to see you Guys!!!!

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I Have been a fan since the early 90's and have followed the band ever since. I have met you guys 2 times in the last ten years. If you look at my facebook page, you guys may remember me. I have M.S. and several anyerisms in my brain. Everyday is a blessing. I won a meet & Greet Nov. 2011 but had an Emergency back home in Baltimore. My Best Friend had Bacterial Menegitus & MRSA & she wasnt expected to live.When I got the hospital,I walked up to the bed and said "Trishy-Pooh". She opened her eyes and looked at me. She was totally coherent.It was the 1st time I prayed the rosary since grade school. However, she had a plug in her heart after a stroke 3yrs ago,showed a birth defect of a hole in her heart. The MRSA was attached to the plug. Once her white blood count went up they immediately did heart surgery removing the plug the sewed her up. She is one of 83 case in the U.S. to survive and they even did a documentary on her. After she came home she told me "Remember the hospital? Well, I was talking to Clint (her recently deceased husband)in heaven as he was trying to pull her through, when her deceased mother said "You have to take care of your kids" then she heard my voice calling her name and that I brought her back" No Trish, God did!!! I really wish,more then anything,that I could have a day with my FAVORITE BAND!Please speak with the guys, even another Meet & Greet would be Great! John-Im Your Marlboro Lights/OBX Girl Suzy22 P.S. My son is in the H.S. Marching band/percussion 4th yr. & my daughter is on her 2nd yr of playing the trumpet. I have an accoustic (sp) guitar that I have no clue how to play. I wish John could teach me Sympathy or Here is Gone. Call it a bucket wish list. ha ha Please consider my requests:(