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Camden, NJ 8/11

Tour Date
August 11, 2013 - 14:15
Susquehanna Bank Center


hitman4907's picture

When/where is the lottery for a meet and greet??? bought platinum seats thinking they were included! willing to pay top dollar as well. Also I got ditched at the concert in Sands Bethlehem........and if it werent for the Johnny asking to bring my sign on stage....I met a really wonderful girl at the concert....I really Like her and I am planning to make her my girlfriend at this concert. I am going to make a sign saying "Her and I met Because I got Ditched......I Owe You Guys!!!" and itll be on a legit pizza box because well my sign at sands was a pizza box....gotta go with the theme! But anyone who else posts! I am very excited for all of you to go! its gonna be great!