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Seneca Niagara Bear’s Den

Tour Date
April 12, 2014 - 16:45
Niagra Falls
Seneca Niagara Bear’s Den* (The Otis Midnight Sessions)


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I got mine during presale! So psyched! They sold out fast. It's a super small venue. I looked on the place's site and the room only has 440 seats! This is going to be awesome!!!

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I was on right at 12pm and they literally sold out in a minute! I am sad- I couldn't get tickets!Does anyone know when they go on sale to the public?

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They go on sale tomorrow 1/31 to the public.. they were sold out the second i clicked on the link. they only sell so many presales per show so im not too worried. i dont know what time they are on sale yet, i DMed absolutegoo on twitter to find out

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When are tickets going on sale for this?


  • 12 Apr '14
    Seneca Niagara Bear’s Den* (The Otis Midnight Sessions)
    Niagra Falls, NY
    *No Support Ticket presales are available to fan club members starting on January 30 at 12 noon. Login to the fanclub here: General on sales begin 2/7 at 12am EST