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"When The World Breaks Your Heart"

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You guys have some of the most poignant lyrics...."fear makes you fragile darling, hate is so heavy when you're weak", "I held your face in my hands so I could feel you smile every time that I kissed you." Absolute poetry.....and very real.

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Your music gives me much Hope & Inspiration. I am a fan for life. Thank you!

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Looking forward to hearing this song live on the cruise. GOO'S rock

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You guys are awsome! I love your music, you sound great! Were you in Maine recently? Anywhere near Pemaquid/Augusta?

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If John is the same guy I met when I was at the NY Greyhound Bus Station, and had a layover late at night, after running away from home when I was 15, I would let him slide into my room, marry him, and runaway.

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This is one of the best albums I have ever listened to. Two songs make me think back to when I was a runaway and trying to find meaning in my life. I love this collection, as I could listen to it over and over again.

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I love this song, I can't hear it speaks to me.

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Great Song!The lyrics are one of a kind! The band sounds like its ready for a WORLD TOUR!
See you johnny, Robbie, and Mike, Me, and my entire family will be jammen
the last hot night in america. Last Fling Labor day weekend!

CRUISEHR2 & Family Hunter, Hadyn, Harrison, Hayes, and Henry, oh can't forget the wife Diana.

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nice song

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