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Adam.Ruehmer's blog

Boxes / Use Me UK Mixes Out Now!

UK Mixes of "Boxes" and "Use Me" are out now! You can download or stream them HERE!


New Live Album!

We’re excited to announce our new live album, The Audience Is This Way. It includes 10 tracks recorded live during our recent tours. The album will be available on July 21 and will only be physically available as an exclusive limited edition black vinyl at indie-retail stores nationally as part of Record Store Day Crawl. There are only 3,000 copies made of this pressing.

The album will be available for digital download and streaming on August 24.

The Audience is This Way Tracklisting
Side One:
1. Long Way Down
2. Slide
3. Home
4. The Pin
5. January Friend
Side Two:
1. Big Machine
2. So Alive
3. Better


Soundtrack Music Festival

We're playing the Soundtrack Music Festival in Edmonton on June 23. Tickets are available HERE.


European Shows On Sale Now

Tickets for our upcoming shows in Bristol, Manchester & London are on sale right now at:

Tuesday, July 24 | O2 Academy Bristol | Bristol. UK 
Wednesday, July 25 | O2 Ritz Manchester | Manchester. UK 
Thursday, 26 July | O2 Academy Brixton | London, UK


"So Alive" (Acoustic) Out Now!

Out now! Stream or download "So Alive" (Acoustic) wherever you stream or download your music! Click HERE.



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