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Adam.Ruehmer's blog

Soundtrack Music Festival

We're playing the Soundtrack Music Festival in Edmonton on June 23. Tickets are available HERE.


European Shows On Sale Now

Tickets for our upcoming shows in Bristol, Manchester & London are on sale right now at:

Tuesday, July 24 | O2 Academy Bristol | Bristol. UK 
Wednesday, July 25 | O2 Ritz Manchester | Manchester. UK 
Thursday, 26 July | O2 Academy Brixton | London, UK


"So Alive" (Acoustic) Out Now!

Out now! Stream or download "So Alive" (Acoustic) wherever you stream or download your music! Click HERE.


"So Alive" (Acoustic) Free Download!

Tomorrow we’re releasing “So Alive” (Acoustic) officially, but we wanted our fans to have a chance to get it first for free! Head to to get it now!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for a great year! In the studio with the elves making new music for next year. Lots of love. We’ll see you in 2018!



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