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Dallas Venue Change

Goo Goo Dolls today announce they will move their Irving, TX concert on Wednesday, September 6th to Starplex Pavilion in Dallas, TX. In light of the horrific devastation that has been inflicted on the state of Texas this past week, the band is encouraging concertgoers to bring non-perishable donation items for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. As part of a day-of show special offer for new ticket buyers, anyone who brings a non-perishable item to donate can purchase a ticket for $15 plus fees. The venue and band has also given 500 tickets to first responders to attend the show.


VIP Performance Opportunity!

We’re inviting YOU to join us for an exclusive performance during our rehearsal, then stay through the show as our VIP and take home John’s signed guitar that he played in the concert! Best part? It’s all to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! Enter NOW:


Live With Kelly and Ryan This Monday!

We're performing on Live With Kelly and Ryan this coming Monday, August 7! Check your local listings and be sure to tune in!


Safeway Open

We’re headed to Napa! See us at the Safeway Open Concert Series on October 7th! Tickets available here:


Music Gives: Hanging out with the kids of St. Jude

We’re honored to support St. Jude and Music Gives to St. Jude Kids. Please join their life-saving mission of finding cures and saving children. Donate now:



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