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Adam.Ruehmer's blog

Live With Kelly and Ryan This Monday!

We're performing on Live With Kelly and Ryan this coming Monday, August 7! Check your local listings and be sure to tune in!


Safeway Open

We’re headed to Napa! See us at the Safeway Open Concert Series on October 7th! Tickets available here:


Music Gives: Hanging out with the kids of St. Jude

We’re honored to support St. Jude and Music Gives to St. Jude Kids. Please join their life-saving mission of finding cures and saving children. Donate now:


Win Tickets For Our Summer Tour!

Just Announced! Win tickets to the Long Way Home Summer Tour!
Enter Here:


104.3 My Music Challenge - VOTE!

Please take a second to vote for "Use Me" in 104.3's My Music Challenge! Click HERE to vote and spread the word!



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