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New Song "Indestructible"

Listen to our new song "Instructible" right now at

Pre-order Miracle Pill now at and get the song instantly! 


Miracle Pill Tour!

We just can't get enough of the road! Excited to be heading back out this Fall, and we can't wait to play some new songs for you.

Fan club pre-sale begins 7/24 @ 10am local time.

Tickets go on sale 7/26 @ 10am local time.


New Album 'Miracle Pill' Announced!

We present you with our 12th studio album 'Miracle Pill' - available everywhere September 13th! Pre-orders for the album are available now at:

Each pre-order purchase unlocks a brand new track entitled “Money, Fame and Fortune”. 


"Miracle Pill" Official Music Video

The official music video for "Miracle Pill" is out now!


New Song Miracle Pill!

Our brand new song "Miracle Pill" is available NOW for streaming and download!

Stream/Download HERE.



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