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Record Store Day Exclusive - Topography

For Record Store Day we are releasing a box set that includes the global vinyl debut of the albums Let Love In, Gutterflower, and Something For the Rest of Us, as well as Dizzy Up The Girl and Magnetic. Each vinyl comes in a different color sheathed in its own slipcase. It's limited to 1,100 copies and will be available at participating independent retail stores on April 13.


New Show in Mexico Announced!

Mexico, we'll see you at Showcenter Complex in San Pedro on May 9! Tickets go on sale Fri, 2/15 at 10 am CT at


Corona Capital Festival

Mexico, we'll be at Corona Capital Festival in Guadalajara on May 11! Get pre-sale tickets Mon Jan 28 at 11AM CST - Tue Jan 29 at 8PM CST. General on-sale begins Wed Jan 30 at 11AM CST at:


Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets for our 2019 Summer Tour with Train and Allen Stone are ON SALE TODAY at 12pm (local)! Visit!


Goo Goo Dolls Announce 2019 Summer Tour

Excited to be heading out on tour with Train next Summer! Pre-sale begins Monday, November 12 at 12pm local time here.



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