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eTina I still don't have the TM presale code for the St. Michelle winery.

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eTina I still don't have the TM presale code for the St. Michelle winery.

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I haven't received the presale passcode yet for St. Michelle. Please email me another one asap. Thanks.

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Will there be a fan club/ inner machine drawing for a meet and greet?

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I need the fan club passcode for St. Michelle

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Any update on Saratoga Mountain Winery PreSale Date? I don't want to miss it.

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Where can I find my unique TM presale code?

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hey pete! the code was sent to you via email but here's another one: GG4NCPGGW

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thank you!

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If there is no reply within the next 30 minutes, there will be a chargeback for the fan club fees. What a joke all of these posts are

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Will there be a meet & greet lottery for the Wallingford, CT show in June?

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I misunderstood the presale date for the 06/23 show. I thought that it was today. Can I no longer get presale tix??

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Etina, Where do I find people that have posted tickets for sale?

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Where do you sign up for M&G

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Where can I find the "Message Board" or whatever it is, to find fan posted resale tickets?? thanks

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Etina! I see that the Saratoga Mountain Winery is already selling tickets for the Goo Goo Dolls on 7/21, but I have been checking back here on the Inner Machine everyday for a word and asking when is that pre-sale taking place. This is so unfair. I have membership, a pre sale code, and now I was not even prepared to buy tickets when they went on sale to the general public. How is that right?!?!

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Does anyone get a response when these comments are posted? I never get the presale codes?

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I don't have the presale code for the Denver CO show. Can you Email it to me?

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What is the presale code for the Charlotte show?

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Eeee gaaads... can I get the pre-sale code please..

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Any idea which other 2 shows will be filmed along with the Buffalo one?

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I am a member and did not receive a password for presale tickets for summer tour. How can I get one? Been trying to get tickets for July show

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Can you send me a presale password I signed up and would like to purchase tixx for 2 diff shows

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Last Year, I missed getting Tix early, through my Goo Goo Dolls Fan Club, because my Mom Had Passed away, in Buffalo, New York!!!!I had to Fly, back Home, to Buffalo, NY, to arrange my Mom's Funeral, It will be a Whole Year , she is Gone, But Never Forgotten!!!!!!!!!!In My Heart and Found Memories!!!! I miss her Sooo Much!!!!I've been a Fan since, early 80's, from Bflo, old stomping ground, neighborhoods, where, Robby and Johnny grew-up:D:D:D I hope I will be able to get Great Seats, gor The Atlanta, Georgia Show, this Summer, on July 11th, 2014. Last Year, wasn't Great:C at ALL!!!!!!!!!!:C Sincerely yours, Nina L. A.(ninadayzon)Breheda. Hopefully this Year, Will be Better Dayz!!!!!!!!???? And if They(GOO GOO DOLLS), sing "Bullet Proof Angel", in Concert?? and some older songs, that were popular, back in the day?? "We are The Normal"?? maybe??? okay, Take Care, Have a Great Week, also!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D

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Is it possible for a second code, to be sent to my e-mail, because you have 4 tix to buy, And We are aloud 8 tix, altogether, as FanClub Members, right? I only received one Code, last Thursday? Do You Know When The Atlanta, GA, Pre-Sale will start?? Could You Please e-mail me, another different code(Second One) to me in case I buy, 4 more tix, Please????(8)eigth Altogether???? And please e-mail me, info on The Atlanta, Georgia Pre-Sale Day and Time. I'm, E.S.T.???? Thank You Soooo Much, Tina!!! Happy St. Patty's Day, Too:D:D:D From Nina, (Ninadayzon):D:D:D

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never received my presale code for darien lake Buffalo new york I got an email with no code in it what can I do..... also no pit shows up when i go to buy seats

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signed up my wife today for first time. How long before she receives her pre sale code? Trying for the Las Vegas show at Red Rock.

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Please help! I signed up today and have not received my pre sale code!

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Hi Tina, Sorry to bother you, but I have been trying since 10am to purchase tickets. I have my pre-sale code, but there is nowhere to buy tickets. Please advise. Thanks :)

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never received my code from fan club - and what time is mountain winery in Saratoga, CA going on sale?

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There is nowhere to buy tickets

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never got a presale code

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I still haven't received a presale code and have emailed the support several times. do you have any ideas? thank you

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Hi Tina,

Your help would be appreciated. I re-joined the fan club specifically for the North Park Theatre show, and can't even see the show listed on the 'secret' sale purchase page (warnermusic link that was provided). Are they sold out? I can not find ANY information - just lots of confused members posting. Please help! =)

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Hi Tina can you please help me I am having a problem I did not receive my email for pre sale code yesterday I did email to the contact information but have not heard back I am wondering if I did not recive it as the security settings at work have been changed please help as I am a member of the inner machine and want to buy presale on Monday thanks in advance Absolute Goo told me to contact mou

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How do you sign up for a meet & greet? Thanks.

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Hi, what screen should I be looking at for this secret sale? I don't see anyting about the show

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Link not working...for 4pm

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I am still unsure where to sign up for M&G? Can you please direct. Thanks!

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Hey I hope they are doing a meet and greet for middletown ohio and if they are I hope I did not miss it cause that would kill me I would love to see them the goo goo dolls are my life !!!

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Is there winners for the Thunder Bay show tomorrow? :)

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I noticed the M&G for Oshawa has not been released. Is this still to come?

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Are there going to be M&G's for The Otis sessions?

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is it normal if I got an email but my username is not on the list (montreal show)? thanks

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How do you sign up for future meet and greets. I'm a new member and not familiar with how it works. Thanks!

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There were no presale tickets for ponte vedra. Only reason i became a member now i cant even get a ticket in the parking lot. What a complete scam....l would like an answer please???

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I guess all the "presale" tickets conveniently went to a scalper who is selling them for over $600. They are selling them on a scam website Im PISSED!!!!

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Exactly. This seems to be happening to all the venues. Stubhub, et al vacuumed up everything and is now charging upwards of 90 for *cheap seats*. Might miss GGD this year. So disappointed.