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Hello Ms. Sarah, just wanted to say thanks for loading up pictures for all of us! Merry Christmas!

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Hi Sarah, I'm the road reporter for the concert tonight at The Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA.. I never received an email, I just saw it on the board. Can you give me the info please. Thanks so much! Dina Goparian (agirlnamedgupe) my email is Thanks!!

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hi Sarah, I just seen MB20 was going to be in Vegas next March, do you know if the Goo's are going to be with them? moe

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Sarah, no comments from you (or anyone as to why I entered the M&Gs for the Ravinia 7/3 show and Moline show on 7/10, was not awarded one, yet less than 10 ppl have been picked for each show.

I would LOVE to hear an explanation.

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HI Sarah -
my phone messed up as I was trying to register for the Atlanta meet and greet. Can you tell me if I actually submitted my info? I don't want to do it again and accidentally register twice.
Thank you!

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Sarah - my passwords will not let me into the forum?

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how do you find out about and sign up for meet and greets? the other website format was so much easier! :)

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When will there be a sign up contest for June fanclub Meet Greet specifically Saratoga Springs NY on 6/26. Thank you

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I have the same question? Thought there would be one tomorrow morning?
Please let us know. Can't wait to see them at Ravina!!!

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Is there going to be a presale for the Ravinia shows in Chicago on 7/2 and 7/3? Tickets go on sale to the general public this Thursday.

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Hey Sarah, any idea when the guys will be coming to the UK?

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No presale or VIP for Tampa show?

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Hello Sarah, I just noticed that the Magnetic Edition now says 29.99 like the Standard is. I just paid 49.99 only two weeks ago for what is now $29.99. I feel like I am owed the difference.

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Hi Sarah, my 17 yo daughter has paid for Inner Machine memberships for several years and Pelham, AL will be our 7th GGD show. Livenation website kept freezing up (timing out, I didn't hit refresh) every time I tried to use our pre-sale code and by the time it finally worked, we were stuck with Row U. She has attended a couple of meet and greets in the past. Will there be a lottery for this show?

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Simply Amazing video! So awesome to relive the day and see everyone! Thanks, Sarah!

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Are there no GGD presale codes for the Irvine and Universal, CA shows in July?